We supply homeowners, retailers and the design & build trades with custom address numbers and letters. Our new Canadian page is now up: customhousenumbers.com/canada - 3 essential pages so far & lots more to come!


We have cultivated decades-long manufacturing partnerships with some of the finest crafts-people available – from silversmiths in the Indochinese peninsula to casting foundries in Canada & the USA. As well, two family owned & operated shops in Manitoba Canada have, between them, 9 decades experience designing for & providing bespoke dimensional fabrication.  
Whether it is for a one-off gift between one executive branch and another, or multiples for a company-wide ‘thank you’ meeting or conference, we can often take your group’s existing wordmarks or symbols and derive custom awards quickly.


We are not a SIGN company so much as a provider of DIMENSIONAL ARCHITECTURAL LETTERING, LOGOS & SYMBOLS


Where & How

Dialing from Canada? Tel: 204-480-8832 Dialing from the USA? Tel: 727-388-6918 Email: info@apollomarconi.com
Every now and then we like to look our customers address numbers up on Google Streetview and see if they're still performing up to spec. Last month, while entering the street address '360 South Mapleton' I got a lot of hits saying it was Ellen's house, and/or Sean Parker's house. Well I finally figured it out, so here's the story.
The Henry Ford Museum in Dearborn, Michigan presents an award for the top restoration every spring at the Detroit Autorama. Ken Barber of House Industries was commissioned to design the wordmark we turned into a trophy. Here’s a short piece on the stylistic trip from 1950s “brush script” to the most sought after restoration award at Detroit Autorama.
Often the recipe for a corporate awards and recognition design lies in your company's existing artwork. We tried turning Subaru's star cluster inside out, but the final answer was much more direct.